Pelle Pelle Crocodile Skin Signature Black Leather Jacket

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Product Specification:

  • Outer Shell: Leather
  • Color: Black
  • Closure: Zipper Closure
  • Cuffs: Rib-knit Cuffs.
  • Collar: Fur & Leather Hood
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  • Male
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Pelle Pelle Crocodile Skin Signature Black Leather Jacket

The Pelle Pelle Crocodile Skin Signature Black Leather Jacket is the epitome of elegance, quality, and daring design. This extraordinary design creates a jacket that surpasses the ordinary and embodies the pinnacle of high-end fashion by skillfully fusing the exotic texture of crocodile skin with the timeless allure of black leather.

The defining element of this jacket is the thoughtful placement of crocodile skin, which makes it unique. The jacket gains an exotic and sumptuous touch from the textured skin, which was carefully chosen for its authenticity and unique pattern. This distinctive element not only demonstrates the brand’s dedication to pushing limits, but it also significantly improves the wearer’s style. We have also Black Leather Jacket. The jacket’s outside, which is made of excellent black leather, has a rich, silky texture that sets the tone for an outfit that is both fashionable and comfortable. The timeless black color accentuates the smooth, polished finish, making it a flexible option appropriate for a variety of settings, including elegant parties and edgy streetwear.

The Pelle Pelle Crocodile Skin Signature Black Leather Jacket’s design is a harmonious blend of classic elegance and contemporary style. The wearer’s personality is accentuated by the attractive fit and flawlessly crafted silhouette. Everything about the jacket has been carefully considered, from the positioning of the crocodile skin highlights to the well-thought-out pockets and fastenings. We have also category WHITE LEATHER JACKET. The jacket’s front is secured with a sturdy zipper that gives the design a modern edge in addition to being useful. A branded pull tab embellishes the zipper, discreetly revealing the Pelle Pelle insignia and highlighting the genuineness of this iconic item. Such careful branding is in keeping with Pelle Pelle history of producing distinctive, iconic clothing.





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2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL, L, M, S, XL, XS

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Pelle Pelle Crocodile Skin Signature Black Leather Jacket

$549.00$799.00 (-31%)

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